Working together

(Photo by Ari Mintz)
  • We meet by phone (or Zoom – you can be anywhere), or in person, to get to know each other.
  • Student submits a resume and list of activities and awards.
  • Coach looks for patterns of achievement, distinguishing qualities and experiences.
  • We meet in person ( or Zoom) to brainstorm ideas.
  • Student answers a long list of questions from the coach about a chosen idea or two.
  • We review the answers and decide a focus for the essay, and which details may work best.
  • We agree on a rough roadmap for telling the story.
  • Student writes a rough draft.
  • We review draft for clarity and power.
  • Revisions by section. Usually with comments back and forth on Google Docs.
  • Revisions by paragraph. Usually on Google Docs.
  • Revisions by sentence
  • Revisions by word.
  • We agree that it’s ready for prime time.
  • We show it to the family.

Coaching is a collaboration.

Whatever works!

Some students want general comments.

Some students want comments line by line.

Some students write best on their own.

Some students want the coach on the line.

Some students want to work draft by draft.

Some students want to revise paragraph by paragraph.

All styles of learning and writing are welcome.

Most of our dialogue occurs on Google Docs.

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