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Tips from the Pros

5 Oct

Romney – Obama / Round I

Exchanges from the first presidential debate that can help open you up to the idea of riffing on a question, to take it in a direction you need to go.

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But You Digress . . .

2 Oct

We’ve been thinking about the possibility that mediocre essay questions produce mediocre essay answers. But who says you have to answer the question precisely as posed? Continue reading

Do Bad Questions Make for Bad Essays?

1 Oct

How Mediocre Are the Common App Questions?

Peter Laipson, provost and vice president of Bard College at Simon’s Rock, blames the poor quality of the essay questions for the badly written, cliched tales that so many students submit:

Unfortunately, the vast differences in culture and mission among institutions that accept the Common Application mean that its essay topics appeal to the least common denominator. This fact makes for both bad writing and, often, a bad experience for the writer. Continue reading