What’s on This Site


This is a place to prepare for writing the best college essay or writing assignment you can. On the site, you will find exercises drawn directly from the many successful essays I have coached into being over the past few years. They are informed by my many years of experience as a teacher, and I have seen nothing like them anywhere else.  Of course, I welcome the opportunity to work with students one-on-one as well.


I have taught writing and journalism for many years,  and commissioned and edited op-ed essays by hundreds of writers, amateur and professional, from around the world.  I think journalism, and op-ed writing in particular, has a lot to say about writing short pieces that are lively, interesting, intelligent and sharply focused.  Engaging in the same method of give-and-take that I use with writers, we arrive at what you need a college to know about you, and figure out how to present it in a way that will distinguish you from the very large crowd of applicants. This technique also works for planning, researching, thinking through, and presenting in a compelling way any school writing project, for any subject.

I would also like this website to be a place where people can mentally prepare to get through the stressful process of writing. I welcome your thoughts  on how we might do this in an online forum, where people can share feelings and solutions. And I hope we can have some fun in the process.

Please check back soon. Feel free to contact me.


Leslie Seifert

Coaching for Winning College Essays