Covid: What colleges expect in an essay

“Leverage that Covid impact essay”

“What we’re really encouraging students to do is leverage that Covid impact essay to really talk about how the pandemic has impacted them and how it’s impacted their academic and social experiences,” said James Miller, director of admissions for Seattle University. “Use the Common App essays and our supplemental essays to really talk about who they are as people and ultimately what the application is trying to project, which is: Who do you want to become?”

“Everybody has been affected by this”

“I would urge seniors to just try to keep in mind that everybody has been affected by this,” Paul Seegert, [director of admissions at the University of Washington], said. “All the other students going to college have been affected by the pandemic as well. We expect everybody’s year to look a little different than they normally would have.”

Advice from two colleges in the state of Washington and a national association

in the Seattle Times

Storytelling around how they spend time in the age of Covid is going to be really important”

“I think colleges and universities always pay close attention to the essay but this year it’s one of the few tools they have to actually connect with you personally,” said Angel Pérez, CEO of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. “[Students are] not going to necessarily be running clubs in their schools or volunteering or having an after-school job that they normally would — so the storytelling around how they spend their time in the age of Covid is going to be really important.”

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