Bringing a Sentence to Life

21 Apr

Farnsworth's Classical English MetaphorWho hasn’t had his or her enjoyment of a great story ruined in English class by the assignment of having to identify metaphors and similes — as many as you can find?

 Not only is your engagement with a piece of literature interrupted (maybe even corrupted) by this assignment, but your appreciation of metaphors and similes can quickly be stunted in the process. 

If you can put that experience aside for a few moments,  you might enjoy spending some time with a new book that collects great metaphors and similes in short passages from English literature.  There is no story here to interrupt, so you are free just to enjoy this age-old tool of lively writing. Who knows, it might inspire a metaphor or simile from inside you.  

Michael Dirda, who confesses “no flair” for creating either one, reviews Farnworth’s Classical English Metaphor in The Washington Post, with several great examples from the book.



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