Deadlines Schmedlines

27 Dec

Deadlines loom, and while nobody recommends that you write an essay at the last minute, it doesn’t mean you won’t be.  We could serve up one more overcooked lecture about how you need to hunker (always down never up) and focus your mind, not to mention manage time much more efficiently than you are in the habit of doing.

But, in the spirit of showing rather than telling,  I prefer to share a piece by a big-time sports reporter whose almost daily task is to write up tonight’s game as it’s happening, to make the deadline for tomorrow’s newspaper.  Just as in sports, the writer’s success depends upon not just his talent, but his supreme concentration and an unflinching must-do-can-do attitude.

How much of his approach could you adapt to help yourself do the work that must be done?

This is from Dave Kindred:

A hundred years ago, the New York Post columnist Milton Gross gave me the best piece of deadline-writing advice ever.

“Always be ready to write,” he said. We were at a heavyweight championship fight. “Be thinking, if this ends on the next punch, ‘What can I write?’”

Here’s the rest of his column.

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