Do You Fit Into a College’s Plans?

8 Nov

Derek Flynn

At nearly every campus I visit, I hear a desire to grow enrollment while also shaping the incoming class. Shaping once meant attracting stronger academic students and was usually synonymous with increasing academic profile. …  more and more it refers to characteristics defined by institutional mission, geography, talent, ethnicity, and many others. Knowing this, campuses are becoming (or should become) much more proactive in the way they build, develop, and cultivate their admissions funnels.

— Derek Flynn, Executive Consultant, Noel-Levitz

It’s not a career field that many of us have ever thought of entering, or even knew existed, but it makes sense: There are folks out there who specialize in developing strategies for colleges that want to grow their enrollment and keep themselves solvent over the long run.

Solvent may not concern us college applicants a whole lot, but enrollment should.

This blog post by Derek Flynn ponders how a college can grow enrollment by attracting precisely the students it has decided it needs. You may or may not be one of those choice few, but it’s useful to have as much insight as possible into what the admissions officers might be calculating as they look you over.

If you’ve never thought of yourself as entering a funnel when you send in your application, here’s a chance to do that.  Enjoy.

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